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Art & Design

Tarleton Academy Art Department is a dynamic and stimulating environment where students will experience a broad and varied curriculum. High achievement is encouraged through an engaging programme of high quality teaching and learning. We expect all students to do their very best as they explore, develop and refine new skills, ideas and experiences. Students are well supported by dedicated staff but also experience a developing level of independence and more opportunities to explore their own creative interests, ideas and specialism’s.

With a focus on predominantly studying the work of contemporary practicing Artists, our aim is to put Art in context, giving students a clear understanding of career paths and the potential for students to study Art further. In Key Stage 4, students also have the opportunity attend workshops led by visiting professional practitioners. We also prepare our students for the future by addressing issues relevant to their personal, social and moral development.

The Art department at Tarleton has consistently delivered superb results at all levels and continues to strive for excellence within each year group. We like to share the success of our students and regularly display work both internally, notably with an annual end of GCSE exhibition, externally in the local community and on our online gallery on the schools website.

Mrs K Berry

Head of Technology & Creative Arts / Head of Art & Design

Mrs A Fellows

Teacher of Art & Design




‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’

Edgar Degas