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Extra Curricular Activities

The Humanities Faculty

The Humanities Faculty offers students from all years the opportunity to enhance their homework, projects etc. most lunchtimes and after school on Mondays. These support sessions are available in L10 every Monday from 3.15 pm.

The Faculty is also investigating a number of ways in which we can enrich the Humanities education of the students at Tarleton Academy, making the most of the myriad of opportunities offered by the locality to improve studentsí understanding of and love for the Humanities subjects.


The Geography Department offers students from all years the opportunity to enhance their projects and homework at lunchtimes and after school by running a Geography drop in session. These are held in L5 or in an ICT suite depending on studentsí individual needs. These are made via a student and teacher agreement on an as and when needed basis.

Students have the opportunity to carry out fieldwork throughout their studies at school. Year 7, 8 and 9 students carry out a local fieldwork investigation, developing skills that they will use if they choose Geography as a GCSE subject.

At GCSE students undertake 2 fieldwork investigations that are compulsory and an essential part of their course. These fieldwork tasks take place in two contrasting locations to cover aspects of human and physical Geography.

The Geography department also helps with the running of Duke of Edinburgh award. Specific help is given for students to develop their maps skills, camp craft and understanding of the country code.


History runs support sessions on a Monday after school for any students who need any help with homework or any aspect of their History studies.

GCSE catch-up sessions also run every Wednesday for those students who might have missed a topic through absence or feel that their understanding of a topic can be improved. 

The History department also ran its first Battlefields Study Tour in July 2017 and the intention is for this to be a regular trip. We are also planning to increase the number of activities we offer to students outside of the classroom, making the most of the extensive opportunities offered by local museums and places of historical interest.


Religious Studies

As part of the Religious Studies programme of study students are taken to a place of worship. These visits are highly education experiences and enhance subject knowledge learnt in the classroom. In addition to this, these visits help our students to explore cultural similarities and differences and observe faith in action.