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Year 7 Learning Plans

Year 7 Learning Plans 2016 2017


Year 7 DRAMA

In year 7 students study Drama as part of a carousel of 5 subjects. This means that students study each subject for a block of lessons before moving on to another subject (the carousel rotates twice during the year).






Carousel 1









Carousel 2

The Elephant Man

In this project students are introduced to practical skills including: role-play, writing in role, split-stage, tableaux work and marking the moment through the true-life story of Joseph Merrick. This project encourages students to think creatively as well as develop empathic skills and greater tolerance of others. Students also explore genre and scripted performance work in the latter part of this carousel.


The Actor’s Toolkit

In carousel 2 students develop their performance skills and appreciation of theatre further through study of style, genre and acting styles. Students will build performance confidence through spontaneous improvisation and collaborative skills and creativity through polished improvisation. 





Practical Skills Assessment

Interim formal assessment and personalised feedback


Writing in role as Dr Frederick Treves


Writing in role as a freak show barker


Memorising scripted lines





Independent research into theatre styles and genres


Memorising scripted lines