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Year 8 Learning Plans

Year 8 Learning Plans 2016 2017


Year 8 DRAMA

In year 8 students study Drama separately, each as part of a carousel. This means that students study each subject for a block of lessons before moving on to another subject (the carousel rotates twice during the year).






Carousel 1








Carousel 2





‘Lord of the Flies’

Students study a full and substantial play text, focusing on elements including: characterisation, plot structure, subtext, theme, symbolism, set design and performance skills. The unit is designed to promote reading, improving speaking and listening skills and widening students’ cultural knowledge and appreciation of theatre.



Students explore the narrative of this classic fairy tale exploring: role play, moral dilemmas, form and structure and physical theatre.

Devised Performance Work

Students work collaboratively in small groups to create a devised performance from a given stimulus.


Warden X

Students are involved in a whole group improvisation lead by teacher in role. The setting is life in a 1960s UK borstal. This unit develops conviction of character, commitment, focus and concentration skills.



Practical Skills Assessment

Interim formal assessment and personalised feedback

Written response tasks to the chosen play text


Memorising scripted lines





Research into Grimm fairy tales- their social function


Memorising scripted lines






Writing in role as a borstal inmate


Final reflection and evaluation of Key Stage 3 Drama