Outstanding education at the heart of the community


Tarleton Music Department has excellent facilities to promote the study of a wide range of music through listening, performing and composing activities and to enable students to enjoy and appreciate music for life.

YEARS 7 – 9

Music at Tarleton Academy is time-tabled as a separate discipline. In years 7 & 8 students are part of a carousel and will receive 10-12 lessons per rotation. Students will rotate twice throughout the year.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will learn about the basic elements of music, composition, performance skills, world music and music technology. Practical skills are developed using computer technology and keyboards and students are encouraged to take part in both group and individual performances; both vocal and instrumental.


In year 9, students elect to take music as an option and enjoy a more intense course of music, receiving two lessons a week, all year. This prepares them for a smooth transition into GCSE.


Music is available as an option at GCSE following the Eduqas exam syllabus. Students enjoy full access to the music technology and recording studio facilities.

Study of the following units:

Unit 1: Performing Music 30%

At least two musical performances, with at least one being an ensemble (group) performance.

Both performances need to be a combined length of 4 - 6 minutes and no shorter than one minute each. 

Unit 2: Composing Music 30%

Two compositions - one ‘free’ composition and one set to a brief by the exam board in year 11.

Unit 3: Listening & Appraising 40% (external exam)

Made up of four areas of study.

·    AOS 1 – Musical Form and Structure (includes one set work)

·    AOS 2 – Music for Ensemble

·    AOS 3 – Film Music

·    AOS 4 – Popular Music  (includes one set work)

This unit includes two set musical works which have been set by the exam board.

Extra Curricular

The curriculum is enhanced by a range of peripatetic teachers who offer tuition on a weekly basis in piano, woodwind, keyboard, drums, guitar and vocals.

The department offers a music education which challenges the able, extends the less able and encourages students to work alongside others with tolerance, co-operation and understanding.

The department runs both ukulele club and choir rehearsals during the school week and students of all abilities are welcome.

The Music Department regularly puts on productions as part of the CAPA faculty including the Christmas concert, summer concert and musical production.


Homework tasks will vary for each year group. Below is an outline of the types of activities students will be expected to undertake.

  • Listening log
  • Watching performances
  • Research
  • Theory exercises
  • Composing exercises
  • Practice
  • Listening activities
  • Musical context worksheets