4 April 2017

At a time of ever tightening budgets for all of us we are delighted and thrilled to announce that we have secured a further £250,000 to continue our refurbishment programme in school.

This has been secured via the ‘Condition Improvement Fund’ which is an annual bidding round for Academies to apply for funding additional to the main budget. The core priority of this is to address significant condition need as well as keeping buildings safe and in good working order.

In the past we have secured funding for our Aisling building (the English block), new windows, the full science lab refurbishment, energy saving lighting and new roofing. This has already amounted to nearly £3 million in four years and is certainly one of the advantages to us becoming an Academy.

This time our projects will address the refurbishment of all the toilets throughout the school and also additional fencing and visitor parking to make our site even more secure. This funding cannot be used in the general pot and is specifically costed in advance so that projects are ready to roll the minute we get word.

It is the third time we have bid for these specific projects. We are particularly over the moon as we have been holding off using our general budget in the hope that this could be secured, thereby avoiding the need to take from our much needed central budget.

We are particularly proud of the hard work our fabulous student council has done in boosting our toilet refurbishment bid with a very mature and co-ordinated capture of our student voice, adding weight to our own evidence of the need for this funding. We are incredibly proud of them and the leadership of this, co-ordinated by our current Head Boy and Girl, Ed Unwin and Zoe Bird. They can be rightly proud of this achievement.

We look forward to work starting soon.

Best wishes,

Mrs Gwinnett

Executive Headteacher