2 March 2018

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Practice Examinations Timetable Spring 2018

Please see here for the timetable for the second set of practice examinations, which will commence on Monday 19th March and end Friday 23rd March. These practice examinations will focus on English, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages. This is to maximise the time available to deliver the content in the new GCSE’s.

The normal school timetable will run during this period and any students not sitting examinations will be in lessons. Students sitting their examinations will be in the school hall, sports hall or allocated examination room under exam conditions.

Each student will receive a personalised examination timetable and a copy of the JCQ regulations, which state the conditions under which external examinations are held and an equipment list. A copy of these regulations and the equipment list can be found here on our website.

GCSE Examinations Timetable Summer 2018

Please see here for the timetable for the GCSE examinations. Personalised timetable will be given to students towards the end of April.