9 March 2018

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This week several Key Stage 3 students, accompanied by Mr McLardy & Mrs Smallwood, had the fantastic opportunity to take part in the “Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge” – Regional Final, Blackburn.

This is a challenge against other Lancashire schools and the topic was “Use of Robots in Space”.

Students had to build a robot to complete a series of table top challenges, designed in collaboration with the Royal Air Force on the theme of international aid. They also gave a presentation on how robots of the future could be used to aid Search and Rescue operations, took part in a teamwork challenge and were interviewed by a panel of professional engineers on the design of their robot.

Tarleton Academy was the only entry on the day that used tracks to move their robot and the only robot able to complete the 'ramp challenge'. The robot was runner up in the time trials and the team were given a 'Special Recognition' award for the Teamwork Challenge.


Congratulations on a very successful day!

Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge