10 December 2018

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Last week Tarleton Academy Year 9 and Year 10 students had the great opportunity to take part in two Runshaw College Horizon Workshops - New Approaches to Drawing Workshop and the English Challenge.

These events are designed to stretch students and develop their skills, knowledge and ability. The workshops take students into studies beyond their examination syllabus to widen their experiences and support their personal development.

The drawing workshop focused on developing critical thinking and risk taking with drawing. Each student had the chance to experience a range of practical workshops devoted to new approaches to drawing. Some of these involved working with 2D and 3D media to explore the term ‘drawing’ in its widest sense. The event also included a brief introduction to the work of some contemporary artists and how drawing can be expressed in a variety of unusual media.

The English challenge was a round robin style event which tested the student’s knowledge across a whole range of aspects within English: spelling, punctuation and grammar; word meanings and etymologies; the history of English; famous literary quotes, author and titles; and it also gave them the chance to show off their creative prowess.