12 June 2019

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It gives us great pleasure to introduce the full student leadership team! Well done to all of you for securing your positions.

We are looking forward to working closely with you all during the remainder of the year and next academic year. We wish you every success in your roles, helping to ensure that students have a significant part in our aim to create a nurturing environment, where everyone feels safe and valued and where we get the balance right between encouragement and support and stretch and challenge - together we can make those aspirations a reality!

We also want to thank all the Year 10 students that applied and put themselves forward for interview - you were all a real credit to yourselves, your families and the school!

School Captains

Alice and Daniel

Vice School Captains

Jacob and Katy-Jo

House Captains

Sarah and Llewys

Issy and Jay

Mollie and Hannah

Abbie and Kayleigh