Senior Student Council 2021 2022

School Captains are responsible for:

  • Primarily the driving force of School Council and chairing meetings;
  • Overseeing and developing the roles of all members of the Student Leadership team;
  • Presenting at events as required, acting as ambassadors within the school and the wider community;
  • Consolidating feedback and communicating with the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Internal communications – creating and updating a Student Leadership noticeboard regularly; creating bulletins or posters to update staff and students of Student Leadership events;
  • Creating and overseeing the development of ‘Drop in Sessions’ for all students to have dialogue with Student Leaders;
  • Lead on the development of a peer mentoring system for improving wellbeing and mental health of Tarleton Academy students.

Vice School Captains are responsible for:

  • Developing relationships with Student Councils in Trust schools;
  • Creating links with local feeder Primary Schools to develop relationships;
  • Potentially attend external events at Primary Schools as a Tarleton Academy representative;
  • Oversee the Senior Prefects and Eco Leaders – Drive changes forward in improving our environment (waste – use of plastic);
  • Support School Captains in School Council Meetings.

House Captains are responsible for:

  • Representing their House in assemblies through delivering notices and supporting the Head Progress Leaders;
  • Helping to organise Student Voice (wider school) through visiting tutor groups / supporting with ‘Drop in Sessions’ and liaising with the School Captains;
  • Leading and representing their House at each School Council meeting;
  • Helping to promote and run the charitable endeavours for their House;
  • Helping to promote Inter House competitions – encouraging tutor involvement in events such as Sports Day;
  • Supporting School Captains in implementing improvements suggested – such as the development of mental health awareness / wellbeing projects in school.

Senior Prefects are responsible for:

  • Assisting in the training of Year 10 Prefects;
  • Being visible role models around school in terms of supporting staff on duty;
  • Overseeing the Year 10 Prefect team – ensuring that duties are covered and the prefect rota is followed;
  • Reporting if Prefects are not in position;
  • Attending and leading on Prefect meetings held each half term.